Dried Herbs, Spices, Local Honey, Pineapples, Macadamia nuts, & other local gourmet delights.

Well Loved
Worcestershire Sauce
Velvety sweet & spicy with a delicious warmth,
our "Well Loved Worcestershire Sauce"
is hand made locally.
A very old family recipe, this all natural sauce
captures the richness & warmth of a traditional
worcestershire sauce.

Available in 4 delicious flavours,
mild, original, hot & the new white hot.
Well Loved Worcesterhire Sauce is
Vegan, Gluten Free
& has no artificial colours or preservatives.

"Well Loved Worcestershire Sauce".
This is the best Worcestershire Sauce you will ever taste!

We have proudly been selling
100% locally made arts & crafts,
herbs & spices,
local gourmet delights,
wonderful gifts & souvenires
since opening here at
Takura, Hervey Bay in 1991.

Olive Oil &
Apple Cider Vinegar
We have a great selection of
Pickled Table Olives & Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Grown, harvested, processed & packaged
by hand. Years of expertise go into making
these delicious products that are all grown on a
Local small Boutique Farm.
Herb & Garlic, Fresh Lime, Mild Chilli,
Thyme & Garlic,Italian Spices, & Natural
are just some of the flavours available.

Jams, Pickles & Chutney's
Rosella Jam,  Paw Paw & Pineapple Jam,
Tropical Fruit Salad Jam, Whisky Marmalade
& spicy Queensland Chutney
are just a few of the delicious
home made gourmet delights
we have for sale from our Jam cupboard.
Made from fresh locally grown produce
they are full of natural fruit flavour.

As you enter through the front doors of  The Gallery,
the delicious aroma of freshly dried
Herbs & Spices fills the air.
Hot & mild curries, ginger, sweet paprika,
cinnamon, oregano, sage, turmeric & culinary lavender
are just a few of the wonderful scents you will encounter. 

Fresh, sweet & just how nature intended.
Our pure natural Bush Honey is a blend
of local seasonal flowers.
Produced by our friends,
they also are a small, local, family business.
Always delicious, our honey is pure & natural.
After finding the perfect location for the bee hives,
the bees are allowed to fill their hives with
delicious native floral honey.
The Honey frame is carefully removed from the hives,
so as not to harm the hard working bees.
The Honey is gently extracted by simply spinning
the frame to remove the honey from the comb.
The Honey is not heat treated
& nothing is added or removed .
Pure, natural, golden & deliciously sweet.
Creamed Honey is always a favourite &
we have a wonderful range including original
creamed honey, Chocolate honey & cinnamon honey.
We now have a delicious range of flavoured Honey.
You can choose from Ginger, Lavender, Lemon Myrtle
Sweet Orange & Sweet Chilli Honey.
All made with our pure honey & all natural.

We also make a range of pure Bees wax candles,
scented bees wax melts, kitchen board nourishing wax,
lip balms, garden tool waxes & other bees wax delights.

Sweet, juicy & golden.
Grown on the farm just across the road,
these pineapples are delicious all year round.
Available most weeks of the year,
 these pineapples are ripened naturally by the sun,
just as nature intended.

Macadamia Nuts
Local Macadamia nuts cracked & ready to eat.
Delicious, healthy, natural
& grown locally.

Peanut Butter
Made with  freshly roasted
Kingaroy peanuts
, this gourmet style
peanut butter is made from
100% salted & roasted peanuts
& contains no other added ingredients.