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April 2014

After a long wait the rain has finally arrived.
One night of light rain was enough to get
the water flowing & into our dam.
The region is still drought declared
& the local farmers still need more rain.
We have grass again & the gardens look so much brighter.
We have a lot or re-planting to do, as we could not water the gardens for several months.
We are busy growing potted herbs now we have a full dam to water them with.
We have had our dam dug deeper at one end, so if we go so long without rain again, hopefully we will have enough water to keep our gardens looking pretty.
Our gardens are very water wise, & we don't water excessively.
With so little rain for about 8 months, even the large old native Eucalypt tree's suffered.
Everything is looking wonderful now & many of the native plants in the local bush have burst into flower.
The native bees are so busy collecting pollen
for their winter stores.