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November 2013

The hail storm that made our
Craft Gallery & Herb Farm
look like it was a Winter Wonderland.
The hail damaged many plants.
The Herb Garden roof & supporting poles were
damaged with the weight of the hail,
as was the Herb Nursery roof.
There was so much hail that it hadn't all melted
by lunchtime the next day.

After so long without any rain,
the gardens are really struggling.
It has been really hard to keep the herbs alive
& they certainly don't look their best.
The gum trees are dropping their leaves & the
grass is  brown , crispy & disappearing fast.
The dam water is evaporating quickly
in the often hot 33C heat.
The weather has been wonderful
though for solar dyeing.
We have been busy making a beautiful
selection of solar dyed silk scarves.
The colours achieved with solar dying
are magnificent & vibrant.
Solar dyeing with the hot Queensland sun creates
silk scarves that reflect the true colours of Australia.

Cassandra making the solar dyed silk scarves.

Sarah with some of the finished silk scarves.