The Garden Cottage

"The Garden Cottage"
full of functional & whimsical delights.

Rustic Wood work.

Queensland Made
Organic Garden Fertiliser.
A certified bio organically sustainable alternative to chemical fertilisers, which offers a complete balance of nutrients including good bacteria and microbes for continued soil health.
Grow delivers Microbial Balancing Technology - a complete range of beneficial bacteria for optimum results in both plants and soil.
Concentrated, cost effective and easy to use.
Increases yield and a longer production period.
Rapidly increases microbial activity for healthy soil.
pH neutral = immediate plant acceptance.
Accelerates dry matter breakdown creating a valuable carbon source.
Establishes a healthy deep root system.
Increases a natural resistance to pest, disease and climatic variation.
Enhances flavour and nutritional value.
For premium results use all year round.

Hand crafted
Inquisitive pottery Emu's.

Terracotta herb tags,
bird feeders, wood turned dibbles,
pottery garden plaques,
bird houses, possum boxes,
unique garden ornaments, bird baths,
hand made baskets, garden caddy's,
wind chimes, rustic wooden boxes,
unique garden art & hand made pots,
pottery possums, cows, koala's
& Aussie Swag Men.
These are just some of the delights
you will discover in
The Garden Cottage.
All 100% locally made,
hand crafted arts & crafts.
Organic Heirloom seeds,
natural organic pest control,

Organic Fertiliser
& eco friendly garden products
demonstrate a healthy,
simpler gardening approach.

An Inquisitive Pottery Emu.
This fellow looks great poking out of a bush in the garden.

We have proudly been selling
100% locally made arts & crafts
since opening here at
Takura, Hervey Bay in 1991.
Australiana Garden Ornaments.
We stock a large range of beautifully hand made garden ornaments.
Made locally from concrete, they will last in our harsh Australian
environment for decades.
From our Aussie bush animals to
cute & funky designs.
We have a hug e range to choose from. 
Farm yard chickens, ducks, sheep.....
Fairy houses, toadstools & frogs.....
Australian birds, crocodiles & old ute's,
& so much more.....
You are sure to find something
unique & special for your garden.
We have bird baths & bird feeders,
letter boxes & planters,
seats, stools & tables.
Our range is always expanding,
so please come for a look.

Take a leisurely wander through
"The Garden Cottage"

Organic Heirloom
Fruit & Vegetable seeds.

Hand crafted
Raku Pottery